Atlanta Evertonians- Dixie Dean Toffees

Evertonians are born, not manufactured!

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Atlanta Evertonians - Dixie Dean Toffees

We are a group of fervent Evertonians from all walks of life who support our beloved blues with every breath we take.  Made up of mainly English and American toffees we meet for every live televised match at Fado Irish Pub in the Buckhead section of Atlanta.  

Since our humble beginnings at the start of the 2013/14 season we have grown our member base into one of the most thriving supporters clubs in the US.  We are certainly the busiest, with monthly newsletters, events and competitions benefiting local charities in Atlanta! 

So if you are an Evertonian living in the Atlanta area why not come down to Fado for a pint and a laugh with some blue brothers and sisters?  Or if you are just getting hooked on soccer after the World Cup, then take at look at the blues.  

To quote Everton legend Alan Ball, "Once Everton has touched you, nothing will be the same."

 Join @ATLevertonians at @fadoatlanta in Buckhead Ave NEAtlanta, GA 30305

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