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EFC NYC was founded in 2004 when an Evertonian by the name of James Deane needed a place to watch his beloved Blues. James turned to a neighborhood pub in Greenwich Village called Mr. Dennehy's. Even though some of the matches were televised before the normal opening hours, Mr. Dennehy's agreed to open early to allow James to watch Everton matches whenever he was able to make it. It was not long until word spread and a few more Evertonians started making their way down to the pub to join James. The group continued to grow for a few years and there became a strong camaraderie amongst the supporters. It really became evident just how big the group had become during Everton's famed FA Cup run in 2009. Mr. Dennehy's was nearly at capacity for the Semifinal victory over Manchester United. It definitely was filled to the brim with Evertonians on the morning of the final v Chelsea. Despite coming up short in the end, it was a memorable day for EFC NYC. New friends came together over their love for Everton. Old stories were shared. Glasses were raised. It was at this time when we really knew that we had a special group. Using the momentum of the recent large gatherings, we were able to start organizing the group enough to become an official supporters club, all due to the efforts of our first president Alexa Dunne. Becoming an official supporters club was an important step in building a close relationship with the club. We now have been able to send our members out to Goodison on several occasions, spreading the love for the Blues from NYC on Merseyside. The group has also taken advantage of trips within the United States to see Everton in various cities. The biggest trips were to Philadelphia and Washington, DC in 2011, with several other smaller trips to Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Denver, and San Francisco.EFC NYC has well over 100 participants. Whether someone is an ex-pat from England, they grew up left of the Irish Sea or they were born and raised Stateside, all lovers of the Toffees are welcome. We have a great location to gather for each match. We always know the game will be on live with a great atmosphere inside. But the group prides themselves on doing more than just watching matches together. EFC NYC is also a community-conscious organization. On many past occasions, the group has taken up a fundraising cause to help a charity or a fellow NYC Evertonian in need. Past endeavors have included raising money for victims of terrible natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, an Evertonian whose house was lost to a fire, and most tragically, a NYC Evertonian who was killed in a traffic accident in 2010. Everton is more than just a football club and therefore EFC NYC is more than just a Supporters Club.Michael Setterberg, president James Deane & Lexa Dee, founders Joanna Hayes & Chris Jones, social media

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